39BRAVO is a dedicated team united by a passion to see communications done right. We are storytellers, strategic thinkers, and experienced leaders who know space, government, and politics. We serve our clients with purpose and drive actions that deliver results.

How We Are Going

We excel at taking complex, technical stories and making them relatable and engaging. Check out our work explaining how NASA is returning to the Moon under the Artemis program.

Watch How We Are Going


Nothing captures the imagination like space exploration

We have entered a new era of space exploration. The success of today’s commercial space companies, combined with generation-defining missions like NASA’s Artemis Program, has renewed humanity’s passion to pursue what is beyond. We have an opportunity, technologically and inspirationally, to shape the course of history. 

Nothing captures the imagination like space exploration. It is a uniting force, filled with stories of heroism and discovery that drive us all to dream beyond what is possible. At 39BRAVO, we believe great space stories balance the technology and the humanity of space exploration. They evoke emotion, build understanding, and grow appreciation. 

Every day, people are pushing humanity further into the heavens. We tell the stories of their work, their purpose, and the future we will realize together. Great stories change lives, and we are called to tell them.


We develop stories that evoke emotion and build understanding. Then we bring them to life with world class production quality.

Public Relations

We drive positive coverage in the press and on social media around company priorities and initiatives.

Strategic Communications

We set strategy, drive alignment, and deliver the right messages to the right audiences in the right way to achieve success.

Digital Media

We deliver integrated digital solutions that produce results. Website development, social media strategy, email marketing, and digital advertising.


Every day, people are pushing humanity further into the heavens. We tell the stories of their work, their purpose, and the future we will realize together.





Communicate with purpose

While everyone loves big, shiny communications campaigns, we love communications that work. At 39BRAVO, we come alongside our clients to build a fully integrated, strategic approach to communications. 

We start by developing a clear vision of success and identifying the core objectives we need to achieve. We drive alignment internally, working to build a cohesive communications effort that is understood and championed throughout the organization. We define the most important audiences we need to engage and then pair the right messaging with the right tactics to reach them. 

Our approach, combined with impactful storytelling and beautiful creative, produces results.  


We deliver integrated digital and public relations solutions that produce results.

Digital media and PR share an important goal: build awareness for your brand and improve your reputation. At 39BRAVO, we take an integrated approach to digital and PR, understanding what your organization’s goals are, and then building an integrated PR and digital media strategy to achieve them.


We know space

Jim Morhard

Jim is the former NASA deputy administrator. Before joining NASA, Jim was the U.S. Senate Deputy Sergeant at Arms and Chief of Staff of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Gabe Sherman

Gabe served as the NASA Chief of Staff for Administrator Jim Bridenstine and earned the Distinguished Service Medal for his leadership of the agency’s strategic communications.

Paul Wizikowski

Paul spent the last two years serving as the NASA Creative Director where he executive produced the first crewed launches from American soil since 2011 and developed the branding and narrative content for the Artemis Program.

Matthew Rydin

Matthew is the former NASA press secretary and served as the Digital Director and Deputy Communications Director for Rep. Jim Bridenstine.


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